TRG serie

Large-size conventional transformer

Large-size conventional transformer, suitable for large-flow and heavy fuel burners, where continuous power and higher voltages or currents are required.
The versions of this range are suitable for use in large-size transformers and industrial  high-pressure cleaners.

Data Sheet

TRG1015C230V50Hz2×5 kV15 mA100%60°CEarthed center
TRG1020C230V50Hz2×5 kV20 mA100%60°CEarthed center
TRG1035230V50Hz2×5 kV35 mA25% su 4’60°CEarthed center
TRG1035 US230V50Hz2×5 kV35 mA25% su 4’Earthed center
TRG1225230V50Hz2×6 kV25 mA25% su 4’Earthed center
TRG1230230V50Hz2×6 kV30 mA33% su 3’Earthed center
TRG1230230V50Hz2×6 kV
30 mA
25% su 4’Earthed center
TRG623PC US230V50Hz1×6 kV
23 mA
25% su 4’Earthed pole
TRG820PC230V50Hz1×8 kV20 mA100%Earthed pole
TRG835P230V50Hz1×8 kV35 mA25% su 4’Earthed pole
TRG1020PC230V50Hz1×10 kV20 mA100%Earthed pole
TRG103SP230V50Hz1×10 kV35 mA25% su 4’Earthed pole