TRS serie

Medium-size conventional transformer

Medium-size conventional transformer, suitable for all kinds of gas and oil burners, where continuous or intermittent power and achievement of higher voltages and currents are required.
This serie is available in a great number of variations.
It suits very different uses such as burners, high-pressure cleaners, anti-mosquito electric equipment and ionizers.

Data Sheet

TRS513C230V50Hz2×2,5 kV10 mA100%Earthed center
TRS812C230V50Hz2×4 kV12 mA100%Earthed center
TRS818C230V50Hz2×4 kV18 mA100%Earthed center
TRS820230V50Hz2×4 kV20 mA25% su 4′Earthed center
TRS1020230V50Hz2×5 kV20 mA25% su 4′Earthed center
TRS1020230V50Hz2×5 kV20 mA33% su 4′Earthed center
TRS1030230V50Hz2×5 kV30 mA25% su 4′Earthed center
TRS1220230V50Hz2×6 kV20 mA25% su 4′Earthed center
TRS404PC230V50Hz1×4 kV4 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS505PC230V50Hz1×5 kV5 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS508PC230V50Hz1×5 kV8 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS510PC230V50Hz1×5 kV10 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS515PC230V50Hz1×5 kV15 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS6.508PC230V50Hz1×6,5 kV8 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS606PC230V50Hz1×6,5 kV6 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS610PC230V50Hz1×6,5 kV10 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS708PC230V50Hz1×7 kV8 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS818PC230V50Hz1×8 kV18 mA100%Earthed pole
TRS820P230V50Hz1×8 kV20 mA25% su 4′Earthed pole
TRS723P US230V50Hz1×8 kV23 mA25% su 4′Earthed pole
TRS820PISO230V50Hz1×8 kV20mA33% su 4′Earthed pole
TRS830P230V50Hz1×8 kV30 mA25% su 4′Earthed pole
TRS1815CISO230V50Hz1x2kV15 mA100%Earthed pole