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Small with high power output

This Ignition transformer  is built to satisfy the power requirement of condensing and atmospheric  boilers.

Thanks to its particular electronic configuration it delivers a very high power output to ensure the ignition even on most difficult conditions. This product is available as “over the gas valve” mounting version. The integrated single pole flame detection signal is availabl

Data Sheet

TipoVinPinIout ccIout Bruc*VoutEDTaOut
TRJ1-20CVD220-240V30W20 mA15 mA2×14 kV100%60°CEarthed center
TRJ2-30VD220-240V65W35 mA21 mA2×10 kV33% su 3’60°CEarthed center
TRJ2-30PVD220-240V63W30 mA22 mA1×15 kV33% su 3’60°CEarthed pole