Cofi 40th Anniversary

COFI is happy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding in 1974 by Giancarlo Comin.

The company has obtained a leading position in the global market through constant research of advanced solutions and the use of the latest technology. The company has been able to renew itself over time by changing their products and introducing numerous innovations to market first with inductive transformers, creating for the first Transformers series and small, and then the G series that allowed higher power. It ‘was the first manufacturer of transformers for burners in Europe UL to certify these products. In parallel to the production of inductive transformers which still constitutes an important share of turnover, it has also been developed the range of electronic products applicable to any type of products from the boiler wall to the burners of great power, covering all ranges of application possible. Today COFI has the range of lighters largest and most comprehensive in the world.

The tradition from the late ’90s COFI continues with the second generation, the company in fact see children Dr. Luke Comin and Dr. Paul Comin, a natural continuation in the management of the activity, by bringing in new management skills and technology that allowed the evolution and growth of the company towards the standards of the second millennium.

We thank all the employees, the customers and suppliers who have helped make this company strong and stable over time with a future that promises to be dynamic and evolving.