Cofi srl: since 1974 exploring innovation

The company was founded in 1974 with the aim to apply state-of-the-art technology to the production of transformers for the ignition of gas and oil burners. The application of technology this has revolutionized the production techniques for the insulation of high voltages.

The improvements achieved – in comparison with the previous art – concern the durability, the electrical and mechanical features and the environmental impact of the materials used in production. The company has constantly grown and has invested most of its resources in the search of trail-blazing solutions, both in terms of materials and equipment.
The research and cooperation with suppliers for the development of materials, enabled the creation – in 1987 – of a low-cost, small-size transformer with the same features as conventional transformers, called “Series E”. This range of products has resulted a great leap forward in applications that called for very small sizes and very low costs. This range is still the least expensive ignition system of all.

The same technology was later applied to obtain the greatest power from a transformer of this class, called “Series G”. These transformers can meet all ignition requirements of large-size burners when high power with continuous duty cycle is required.