Happy Birthday Cofi!

Today our company has reached the milestone of 50 years since its foundation.
Today COFI is a company recognized and appreciated throughout the world, with the most
advanced products in the sector and the widest range, almost 70% of what we do is exported.
We owe all this to the collaboration of all of you, customers, suppliers, collaborators, who over
many years have placed your trust in us and lent your knowledge and expertise which
translates into the manufacturing of our products every day.
Above all, I owe heartfelt thanks to my parents who had the courage on that distant 14 June
1974 to throw their hearts over the obstacle to follow a dream, dedicating their entire lives to
this adventure with sacrifice and dedication, to get to see their dream realized, perhaps even
beyond their own expectations.
Now all we have to do is look to the future and ensure that this celebration is not just a point
of arrival but a stage, as if to cement a solid foundation for an even brighter future. Thanks
again to everyone and happy birthday COFI!!
The Managing Direction