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Since 1974 COFI designs and manufactures in series transformers ionizers , demagnetizers , duplicating voltage for various applications , is also working on the development of sensors and transducers which produces using proprietary technology


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The company  Cofi srl

The company was founded in 1974 with the aim of applying an innovative technology in the production of transformers for the ignition of gas burners and diesel. The application of this technology has revolutionized traditional production techniques for the isolation of high voltages, improving the electrical properties and durability, increasing the mechanical properties and while reducing the environmental impact of the materials used in the isolation.

The company has grown steadily investing in the search for solutions, materials and equipment.


The technology applied to the construction of high-voltage insulation of the highest quality, is the driving force behind the company and represents a breakthrough in this area.

The high insulation is obtained by a combined system of encapsulating low pressure of thermosetting epoxy resin and the use of technology to polyester film in the insulation of the coils.

The benefits of this innovative combination are manifold:

– Mechanical properties and excellent aesthetic

– Electrical properties of unquestionable superiority

– Resistance to high temperatures superior to other materials traditionally applied

– Heat dissipation extremely effective

– Excellent resistance to chemicals and fuel oils

– Elimination of harmful materials from the manufacturing process resulting in volatile reducing environmental impact.

This production process has shown its validity technology both conceptually and in practice, with millions of applications, used for many years by leading manufacturers internationally recognized.

The policy of the company throughout its history has always been directed towards the achievement of total quality is constructive and aesthetic, paying particular attention to the supply of top quality materials and following the technological changes constantly.


COFI has always invested heavily in research and development, while continuing to improve existing products and to find new solutions to the increasingly demanding market. In recent years our product range has been able to benefit from this ongoing research with the release of several new and innovative products in the field of ignitions, making only the width of the range in this area. We are also able to provide a customized product for any need, our technical department is available to test the feasibility and to perform sampling of non-standard specifications. We construct in ionizers series transformers, demagnetizers, voltage doublers, equipment for fencing and other areas that do not belong to the world of ignitions where the construction of the transformer is sometimes considerably distant from the standard. We also work on the development of sensors and transducers that produce using our technology.

COFI is also active in the field of fuel cells with important research projects in the field of renewable energy in collaboration with important Italian and foreign universities, earning critical patents in this field.


The optimal application of the high-voltage requires a careful study of the accessories to guarantee a certainty of ignition performance, therefore the maximum attention is dedicated to the study of functions of the cables and connections of the protections of the outputs of high tension, with the realization of parts that integrate various solutions in a single cable, eliminating assembly difficulties and uncertainties of operation.

The company also takes great care of the special needs of the customer, realizing also accessories specification, studying the effectiveness and optimization.

Relevant in this regard is the laboratory measures of EMC with the latest generation of equipment for performing measurements of electromagnetic compatibility according to EN55014 rules, and the subsequent study of the details necessary to make compatible the installation of the transformer.

Most of the products are certified by the most representative organizations in Europe such as VDE and SEV, IMQ, UL and CSA for the American market.

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