Electronic transformers

This transformer is produced with the electronic technology, the system is vacuum impregnated to ensure the highest rate of insulation. The features of this transformer make it suitable for gas and oil burners where is required continuous power, with smaller size and weight than conventional inductive transformers.


The electronic ignition transformer is suitable to be applied to all  kind of oil and gas burners, wall hang boilers, hot water high pressure cleaners and anti-mosquito equipment.
These applications are indicated by a symbol beside each type of product as follows.

Gas Burners
Oli Burners
Hot water high pressure cleaners
Anti-mosquito equipment

The Inlets

These icons represent the inlets types available on every single product.

Plug D
Plug K
The Outlets

These icons represent the outlets types available on every single product.

H plug, horizontal output plug, Ø 4mm
V plug, Vertical output plug, Ø 4mm (13.5 mm deep)