Inductive transformers

Traditional electro-mechanic transformer, It can be customized in many different versions to fit the requirements of any kind of application like oil and gas burners, high pressure cleaners, anti-mosquito equipments, ozone generators.


The conventional ignition transformer is suitable to be applied to all  kind of oil and gas burners, hot water high pressure cleaners and anti-mosquito equipment. These application are indicated by a symbol beside each type of product as follows.

Gas Burners
Oil Burners
Hot water high pressure cleaners
Anti-mosquito equipment

The Inlets

These icons represent all the different kind of connetion for each product

Standard buried cable L=380mm
COFI plug
Triangle plug
The outlets

These icons represent the outlets types available on every single product

Code SP, eccentric plug, Ø 4 (21.5 mm deep)
Code VIMAN, self-tapping screw with sleeve (25 mm deep)
Code SPRAS, flush plug, Ø 4 (13.5 mm deep)
Code SPPRO, hole Ø 6, plug Ø 4 for cable Ø 5.2 (35 mm deep)
Code SPMAN, plug Ø 4 with sleeve (23 mm deep)
Code VIRAS, flush self-tapping screw (18 mm deep)